Rules For Making Your Dental Check-Up Easier

The average patient does not look forward to visiting with the dentist. Though some dental procedures have the potential to prove slightly painful, the truth is most dental appointments are nowhere near as uncomfortable as patients imagine. Follow the rules outlined below, and you will find your dental check-up proves much more comfortable than expected.

Drinking water will make your dental check-up much easier

Water is vital for more than hydration, healthy skin and maintaining the proper weight. Water is a powerful weapon in the battle against tooth decay. Carry fluoridated tap water in a water bottle with you wherever you go. Drink the equivalent of eight glasses of water per day and your dental check-ups will prove much less eventful. Rinse with fluoridated water after eating or drinking to wash off food particles and bacteria.

Water really will make your visits to the dentist that much smoother as it does a fantastic job of cleaning the teeth. Bacteria will generate nasty acid only minutes after food contacts your chompers. The result is a reduction in mouth pH levels. Water helps balance the mouth's pH level as it stops bacteria from accumulating on the teeth and creating harmful acid.

Avoid foods that can damage the teeth

Dental exams prove that much more relaxed if patients limit their food and beverage intake to items that keep the teeth in optimal condition. Most patients are shocked to learn that many dental hygienists and dentists can accurately determine the types of foods and beverages patients consume when analyzing oral health. As an example, oral health professionals can quickly determine if a patient drinks coffee as it leaves brown stains on the teeth.

Cut out as much sugar, simple carbohydrates, acid and starch from your diet as possible. Sour candies are especially bad for the teeth as they erode protective tooth enamel. If you are hooked on sugary or acidic drinks and just cannot quit, use a straw to minimize contact between the sugar and acid in coming into contact with your pearly whites. Those who take the extra step of reducing foods like bread that are rife with carbohydrates will also find their dental check-ups are as stress-free as possible.

An abundance of carbohydrates causes the growth and expansion of harmful bacteria. It is especially important to note some nutritious foods also pose a danger to the teeth. Acidic foods like citrus fruits erode tooth enamel. Dried fruit is relatively healthy, yet it is challenging to remove from the teeth during brushing sessions. If you insist on consuming such foods, be sure to rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after indulging. Flossing and brushing half an hour after meals will also help minimize dental health issues. Fewer dental health issues will make your dental check-up that much more comfortable.

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